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We provide multidisciplinary high quality and innovative solutions for your business growth


We offer expertise that  help companies and local authorities who want to understand new information and communication technologies.  We help telecom companies use digital and data analytics techniques to improve the performance of their core business, satisfy their customers and act smarter and faster in communication. with  a particular focus on the nexus between telecom and agriculture. Additionally, we provide fundraising support for initiatives aimed at scaling up operations or launching new ventures


We combine state-of-the-art investor insights, honed by our private equity experts, with agricultural market knowledge and proprietary tools to help our clients meet their diverse needs. Our  team  help our clients  take full advantage of these opportunities, develop innovative models and thus surpass their competitors in a very diversified sector and subcontractors.


Championing renewable energy project using green technologies to create a sustainable future  IAFRICA CONSULTING team work hard to connect companies to investors  around the world to bridge the gap between electricity producer and user, helping each project reach its full financial potential. We collaborate with leading companies  to take urgent action on climate change.